Spirunol is a powerful and unique biostimulant based on an exclusive strain, AGNOVA-001, selected from microalgae grown on a unique substrate that arises in our laboratories, from the Spirulina genus.

The composition of the final enzymatic hydrolyzate provides an exclusivity to the product that makes it different from other fertilizers based on Spirulina extracts present on the market.

In addition, the product is suitable for ecological production. The process of obtaining microalgae biomass is carried out using a totally exclusive and sustainable production process, based on circular economy strategies.

Spirunol is the result of the biotechnological development of a product based on microalgae. Microalgae are microscopic photosynthetic organisms that inhabit aquatic environments, both fresh and salt water. There are many species of microalgae and they have numerous applications thanks to their ability to produce a wide range of useful compounds.-

How does it work

How it works

Spirunol can be applied in different ways depending on the objective we want to obtain and the crop on which we apply:

– Foliar applications: specially designed to improve the flowering process. With the foliar application of Spirunol we achieve higher quality flowers, a lower number of flora abortions and we reduce stress at this key moment for horticultural and fruit trees.

– Root applications: Applications are recommended at the beginning of the growing cycle, generating a significant improvement in the rooting process with the formation of new roots. Ensures the establishment of the crop in its initial phases.

In addition, the product acts as a booster of the soil microbiota, that is, it generates an optimal environment for the development of beneficial soil microbiota.

This biostimulant causes plants to develop with greater vigor and balance and to recover faster in times of abiotic stress.



Product composition: Total nitrogen (N) 1.40% p/p​ Organic Nitrogen (N) 1.20% p/p​ Ammoniacal nitrogen (N) 0.20% p/p​ Potassium Oxide (K2O) soluble in water 0.10% w/w​ pH 5.00 pc. pH Free amino acids 9.00% p/p​ Total organic matter 10.90% p/p​





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