Promotes plant health from the soil.

SoilEkky forms part of the exclusive new line of EKKY biostimulants. Edaphic biostimulant based on microorganisms in the form of spores to minimize crop losses

Reinforces the secondary and absorbent root system, adding strength and longevity to the natural life of the plant. It also ensures the normal growth and development of the crop. SoilEkky shows good efficacy in soils with a high alkalinity value or slightly acidic, such as fertigates with fertilizers that generate an acid reaction in the soil.

Fertilising products registration number: F0005090/2032 Certified by: CERES

How does it work

How it works

Promotes good crop maintenance. Especially indicated to prepare the crop that may be subjected to heavy soil conditions and high water retention capacity, and when the soil acquires or is subjected to moderate to high temperatures, and high levels of humidity.
  • It acts on the rhizoplanic area and the rhizospheric bulb.
  • It enhances the clay-humic complex by balanced hydrolytic activity of proteinic structures, cellulose and starch from various sources already present in the soil.
  • Stimulates mechanisms that prevent systematic abiotic factors and keeps them activated.



Water-soluble fertilizer

Bacillus siamensis Cepa PB12 (CECT 30301) Bacillus halotolerans Cepa PB13 (CECT 30302) Packaging: 5L and 20L


CROP N APPLICATIONS DOSE (I/ha) applied without any fertilisation
Horticultural crops in soil 3 5-10 L/ha
Woody crops 3 5-10 L/ha


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