Protection of the plant

Cibelte 10 Le

Pyrethroid insecticide

Cibelte 10 LE is an active insecticide that works by contact and ingestion.

How does it work

How it works

Insecticide treatment for crops:
  • Artichoke, cotton, pumpkin, melon and watermelon, against caterpillars and aphids.
  • Alfalfa, against alfalfa aphids, green worm, caterpillars and aphids.
  • Celery, turnip, kohlrabi, parsnip, salsify, turnip, radish and carrot, against beetle, white fly, caterpillars, aphids and thrips.
  • Oats, barley, rye, spelt, wheat and triticale, against aphids.
  • Aubergine and tomato, against white fly, caterpillars and aphids.
  • Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, against caterpillars, aphids and bugs.
  • Rapeseed and mustard, mustard, against weevils and pollen beetle.
  • Green peas and green beans, against caterpillars and aphids.
  • Corn, against rootworm, caterpillars and woodworm.
  • Olive tree, against fly and Moths (Gen. Antofagasta).
  • Herbaceous ornamentals and woody ornamentals, against white fly and aphids.
  • Potato, against beetle and aphids.
  • Table and fodder sugar beet against cassida, noctuids, caterpillars and aphids.
  • Vines, against leaf hoppers, Pyralid caterpillar and moths.



Cypermethrine 10% w/v (100 g/L) Register number: 18.316 Presentation: Emulsifiable concentrate (SC) Chemical family: Pyrethroids Packaging: 1 L and 5 L


Alcachofa, algodonero, calabaza, melón y sandía Orugas y pulgones 0,25-0,5 L/ha
Alfalfa Cuca, gusano verde, orugas y pulgones 0,25-0,5 L/ha
Apionabo, colinabo, chirivía, escorzonera, nabo, rábano y zanahoria Escarabajo, mosca blanca, orugas, pulgones y trips 0,25-0,5 L/ha
Avena, cebada, centeno, espelta, trigo y triticale Pulgones 0,25 L/ha
Berenjena y tomate Mosca blanca, orugas y pulgones 0,25-0,5 L/ha
Brécol, coliflor y repollo Orugas, pulgones y pulguillas 0,25-0,5 L/ha
Colza y mostaza Gorgojos y meliguetes 0,25 L/ha
Guisantes verdes y judías verdes Orugas y pulgones 0,25-0,5 L/ha
Maíz Diabrotica, orugas y taladro 0,75 L/ha
Olivo Mosca y Prays (Gen. Antófaga) 0,3 L/ha
Ornamentales herbáceas y ornamentales leñosas Mosca blanca y pulgones 0,25-0,5 L/ha
Patata Escarabajo y pulgones 0,4-0,5 L/ha
Remolacha azucarera, de mesa y forrajera Cásida, noctuidos, orugas y pulgones 0,25-0,5 L/ha
Vid Empoasca, piral y polillas 0,25-0,3 L/ha
SAFETY PERIOD: Artichoke, celery, turnip, aubergine, broccoli, pumpkin, parsnip, cauliflower, kohlrabi, salsify, green peas, green beans, melon, turnip, potato, radish, sugar beet and fodder beet, beet fodder, cabbage, watermelon, tomato and carrot: 3 days. Alfalfa: 7 days. Sugar beet: 14 days. Rapeseed, mustard and vines: 21 days. Oats, barley, rye, spelt, wheat and triticale: 28 days. Corn, olive tree, herbaceous ornamentals and woody ornamentals: not applicable


Aphididae, Beet armyworm, Beetle, Caterpillars, Colaspidema barbarum, Diabrotica, Empoasca, Flea beetles, Fly, Greenhouse whitefly, Heliothis, Moths, Owlet moths, Pine processionary, Pollen beetles, Prays (Antophagous generation), Sugarcane borer, Thrips, Vine leafroller tortrix


True weevils




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