The biofertilizer that facilitates fertilization management, taking care of your field and everyone’s health. Bioprón is a microbiological solution from Probelte that guarantees optimum plant growth, avoiding the negative impact of chemical fertilization. This microbiological solution guarantees optimum plant growth, avoiding the negative impact of fertilization, minimizing the need for fertilizers and improving the balance of the soil microbiome.
Fertilising products registration number:  F0004055/2029

How does it work

How it works

Biopron’s triple action: 1. High capacity for fixing atmospheric nitrogen, making it available to the plant. 2. Action of unblocking the existing phosphorus in the soil, in such a way that the plant can easily absorb it. 3. Power to solubilize other macro (K) and micronutrients (Fe, Ca, Mg) present in the soil, which would otherwise be blocked. In this way, both nitrogen, phosphorus and other macro and micronutrients can be used efficiently in crop nutrition.



Exclusive solution based on selected strains of live beneficial microorganisms: Azospirillum brasilense and Pantoea dispersa. The exclusive strains of microorganisms present in Bioprón have complementary and synergistic effects in an amount greater than 108 CFU/g. Azospirillum brasilense Strain M3 (CECT 5802) > 108 CFU/mL Pantoea disperse Strain C3 (CECT 5801) > 108 CFU/mL Product patented by Probelte and registered with the CECT. Presentation: Granule Packaging: 1 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg and 500 kg.


AUTHORIZED APPLICATIONS: Horticultural crops in soil and woody crops. Vegetables in soil, doses of 200-300 Kg/ha. Carry out the application of BIOPRÓN at the beginning of the crop, locating the product in the soil. Woody crops, dose of 300 Kg/ha. INCOMPATIBILITIES: Being a product that uses live microorganisms, it should not be mixed with those that may alter its viability, such as strongly alkaline or strongly acidic products. In any case, for mixtures, consult with the owner or supplier company.


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Greece, Italy, Nicaragua, Romania, Spain


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