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A-micsur Ca

Fertilizer based on amino acids and calcium.

It is a liquid preparation based on amino acids and calcium, indicated to be applied in foliar pulverization and in irrigation water to prevent and correct the deficiency in calcium.

How does it work

How it works

  • It favours radicular breathing and the evolution of the organic substanc of the soil, reducing in turn the virulence of some cryptogamic deseases.
  • Due to limited movility of calcium in the plants, deficiency of calcium appears in younger leaves and in fruits.
  • It is necessary to provide calcium constantly for a continuos growth.
  • Calcium deficiency’s symptoms include small and distorted leaves, chlorotic stains, split and broken leaves, deficient growth, delay in root growth and damages to the fruits.



  • Free amino acids: 9% w/w (12,15%w/v)
    • Amino acids derived from hydrolyzed proteins of animal origen.
  • Main nutrients:
    • Total Nitrogen (N): 10,10% w/w (13,635% w/v)
    • Nitric Nitrogen: 7,3% w/w (9,855% w/v)
    • Ammonium Nitrogen: 1,60% w/w (2,16% w/v)
    • α-aminic Nitrogen: 1,20% w/w (1,62% w/v)
  • Secondary nutrients:
    • Calcium oxide (CaO) soluble in water: 11,20 w/w  (15,12% w/v)
  • pH: 3,5-4
  • Formulation: Soluble liquid (SL)
  • Presentation: 500 cc, 1 L, 5 L and 20 L


A-MICSUR Ca está indicado para ser aplicado en pulverización foliar y en el agua de riego, para prevenir y corregir la deficiencia de calcio, y para favorecer la respiración radicular y la evolución de la materia orgánica del suelo.
  • En agua de riego: 3 – 5 cc/L.
    • Aplicaciones: 5-10
  • En pulverización foliar: 2,5 – 3 cc/L
    • Aplicaciones:
      • Cítricos, Frutales, Hortícolas, Olivo y Ornamentales: 3-5
      • Plátano: 2-3
      • Viña y parral: 3-5


Biostimulant, Fertilizer for the prevention and correction of Calcium deficiencies, Root stimulator, Stress, Vegetative growth stimulation


Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain


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