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Probelte, the first manufacturer of solutions for plant health that has obtained the Zero Waste certificate according to AENOR

· Probelte aligns its objectives with the European circular economy and sustainability strategies and reinforces its commitment to society· · ·

· After four years of optimizing its production processes, Probelte Factories and its biotechnological plant make the treatments given to waste even more sustainable

Thanks to its efforts, Probelte has managed to become the first company that manufactures solutions for plant health to obtain the Zero Residue certification according to regulation RP-CSG-057. At present, properly managing waste is a major challenge. Even those that have the potential to be reused can pose a problem when facing their processing. Therefore, any measure to manage them before having to send them to landfill, or even revalue them, becomes something of great importance.

When waste is managed properly, it can be converted into resources that contribute to the saving of raw materials and guarantee economic sustainability, with a positive effect on the conservation of natural resources and ecosystems. Reaching this point requires the joint effort of the industry, as well as an innovative and committed spirit. Probelte, faithful to its values ​​as a company, has obtained the certification that demonstrates this commitment.

Zero Waste Certificates

The Zero Waste certificate recognizes those organizations that prevent the waste they generate from being disposed of in landfills by giving it a recovery treatment,” explains Juan José Jiménez, director of quality, safety and the environment at Probelte. To revalue waste, it must be given a second useful life through reuse, recycling or as an energy source

The company has spent four years optimizing production processes to minimize the generation of waste. To this end, work is being done on their complete segregation, seeking more sustainable management alternatives. “All this has led to the fact that this year we have achieved more than 90% recovery of our waste, and 100% for our Biotechnology plant,” he clarifies.

Probelte Factories and its biotechnological plant ensure that the treatments given to waste are sustainable

Obtaining this certification is not easy. Although it depends on the sector to which the company belongs, the more variety in the waste generated, the more difficult it is to obtain the Zero Waste certificate. “Within the phytosanitary area, it is difficult to obtain it since a great diversity of waste is generated, many of them with few management possibilities”, clarifies the quality director.

“At Probelte we have made a firm commitment for years, seeking and progressively changing our final managers to ensure that the treatments given to waste are sustainable,” he says. The result is that Probelte has obtained the recognition of being the first company in its field of Zero Residue, which is a milestone, and an example, within the sector.

Probelte aligns its objectives with the European circular economy and sustainability strategies and reinforces its commitment to society

The company continues in the constant search for quality in all its processes: “For Probelte it means continuing with the continuous improvement defined in the company’s quality, environment and prevention policy. Probelte has been certified by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards for many years, renewed this September. Obtaining, in addition, the Zero Residue certification provides an added value of concrete action in the matter of waste”, specifies Juan José.

Quality as a standard, not only in production or marketing, but also in waste management, strengthens Probelte’s values, all pointing in the same direction of improvement: “For the company, having obtained the certificate serves to align its objectives with strategies circular economy and sustainability, and serves to contribute to compliance with the SDGs, such as SDG 12 “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”, which aims to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation”, further proof of Probelte’s commitment with society.

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