It starts in the earth, it starts with us

The capacity to produce nutritious fruits and vegetables, in the amount needed, and without residues depends largely on the soil conditions: the amount of organic material, the microbiome balance, as well as its physical and chemical properties.

From soil to Human Health: Probelte

The environmental emergency, the need to feed the population in a healthy way, and the regulatory framework have all led us to reinvent farming practices, with natural solutions that are respectful of the environment and recover the Earth’s balance, while anticipating and preventing diseases and pests.

We know that in agriculture, as in human health, all the various factors count. That is why we have spent more than 50 years dedicating ourselves to innovation and science so that we can offer farmers our inspiration, the best products in nutrition and plant health.

We transform plant health and nutrition, with the awareness that the future of farming lies with future generations and is our hands, now more than ever before.

We have large, modern installations with over 20,000 square meters dedicated to research, the creation of new products, and constant improvement. Cutting edge laboratories, formulation and fermentation plants, and experimental greenhouses where we apply our values.


Effort, dedication, experience, and vocation

that is shared

We get involved and work hand in hand with our customers.

to discover

Innovation is the result of our call to keep moving forward.

with nature

Our path shows that knowledge is part of our DNA.

to take care

Our essential interest is to work toward a better society for everyone.


We follow a rigorous control of all the production processes, raw materials, and finished products, thereby guaranteeing our products excellent quality, which is certified under strict and recognized quality, safety, and environmental protections standards that coincide with our philosophy and manifest our clear orientation towards our customers.

Consult our commitment to quality, the environment, health, and safety, as well as the certifications.


At Probelte, we contribute to more sustainable agriculture by offering the market a wide range of biological products based on selected microorganisms and other low-risk products with a very favorable toxicological profile and guaranteed quality that respect the needs of the environment.

We are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Promoting food security, protecting crops without harming the environment, and reducing our footprint, are ways we help change the world we live in for the better.

Furthermore, we participate in Spain’s SIGFITO program, which provides farmers with recycling for all of our containers, just a small gesture to conserve the ecosystem and fight against climate change.

Responsible innovation

Our work can only be understood in terms of dedication to research, development, and innovation that is always centered on continuously improving the quality of our plant health and nutrition products for the sustainable production of safe foods.

Technology and innovation are part of Probelte’s DNA, along with the responsibility and respect we feel for our customers, agriculture, and nature. This constant effort that has made us one of the market leaders.

The best team for the best results

Careful and exhaustive planning of the hiring process have resulted in a multidisciplinary staff made up of a team of professionals with the highest qualifications and broadest experience.

We make a special effort to promote teamwork built on the solid foundations of respect, collaboration, and mutual personal and professional support.


International consolidation

With our constant and continuous geographical expansion, our international presence is a fact.

Probelte is a brand that is recognized and acclaimed by farmers worldwide, and is always tied to the concept of high-quality, innovative products that respect the environment.

Today, more than ever before, we are ready to have our products reach anywhere in the world thanks to our distribution networks, which we have built by establishing alliances based on
rigor, commitment, and mutual respect.

Products, business, philosophy...


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