Wettable powders: efficiency and optimization in the solution format

julio 6, 2023

Probelte has gone a step further in its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement by being in the final stretch of development of the Wettable Powder version (wettable powder) of its main microbiological solutions. These products will be available on the market once the biotechnology company gives the green light to their commercialization.

By mixing the wettable powder with water, a homogeneous suspension is obtained that is very easy to apply. With this new formulation, Probelte seeks to offer farmers and professionals in the sector the advantages of powder with the convenience of a liquid solution.

By not containing water, this new presentation reduces possible contamination in the product. In addition, it significantly improves its stability and useful life, thus guaranteeing its effectiveness for longer periods of time. In addition, its easy handling and precise dosage facilitate its use in different production systems and crops.

Additionally, with this format, Probelte has managed to achieve a higher and optimal concentration of active ingredients. This allows a more precise and personalized application of the product, thus maximizing results, reducing waste and better adjusting to the specific needs of each crop.

These new Wettable Powder versions of Probelte’s biological solutions retain all the qualities and benefits of the original products: their biofertilizing, biostimulating or disease and pest control capacity in an effective and sustainable manner.

Probelte, as a leading company in the agrobiotechnological sector, continues to demonstrate its commitment to research and development of innovative solutions for agriculture. The introduction of the Wettable Powder version of these solutions expands the options available to farmers, providing greater flexibility and efficiency in management.

Wettable powders: efficiency and optimization in the solution format