Probelte: biotechnological innovation and digitalization in the care of domestic plants

octubre 16, 2023

Probelte continues to take steps to get closer to its great goal of “reaching human health through plants.” Thanks to its technology, applied in the development of HAU Plant brand solutions, it is strengthening its positioning towards the end consumer.

Growth at a dizzying pace

Since the launch of HAU, Probelte’s reference brand for home plant care, it has done nothing but break records. And all in one year, something that predicts a hopeful future full of success. During this year of the project’s life, HAU has managed to position Strongest, one of its 100% biological solutions, as the best-selling rooting agent on Amazon with a recurrence rate of 60%. Big words considering the magnitude of the American technology giant’s platform. In addition, it has made its way by creating a community of more than 11,000 people thanks to its high-value content and the quality of its products, 100% ecological and biological, references in the care of home plants.HAU Plant connects with its audience through a sustainable and conscious brand philosophy in search of a change in favor of what surrounds us, one of the main concerns of the brand. The destiny of this brand is being written and everything indicates that more news will arrive in this second year of the brand’s life, which will continue to revolutionize a market niche full of opportunities.

Technology, biotechnology and digitalization: Probelte and HAU Plant, hand in hand

Probelte, a leader in biotechnology applied to agriculture, and its pioneering indoor plant care brand, HAU Plant, are tangible evidence of how the most advanced technology, normally applied to productive environments, can be used effectively within homes.

The group, committed to reaching human health thanks to responsible agriculture, has also reached the homes of all final consumers thanks to the result of the group’s biotechnological development, creating biological products under the HAU Plant brand such as Strongest, whose adaptation to a format more suitable for the final consumer opens the doors to use all the benefits offered to agricultural companies and large farmers.

This product serves to showcase the robust technology behind HAU’s range of products, all backed by Probelte’s unrivaled 50+ years of experience in the field of biotechnology and plant health. Additionally, with brands like HAU Plant, the company is adapting its approach to the digital age, leveraging events, collaborations with influencers and stronger social media interaction.

This digitalization process aims to strengthen the connection with the end consumer and establish HAU as a “lifeStyle” brand that goes beyond the product, reaching directly to the heart of the community.

Probelte: biotechnological innovation and digitalization in the care of domestic plants