Protecting crops against excess humidity: the case of Botrybel and lettuce

marzo 7, 2024

Excess moisture, whether due to inadequate irrigation or particularly humid environmental conditions, can have a negative impact on crops, especially vegetables such as lettuce. This environment favors the development and spread of bacterial and fungal pathogens. It is crucial to have adequate protection and treatment measures to prevent loss of production. In a world that strives for sustainability, solutions must be comprehensive, efficient and respectful of the environment. This is the profile promoted by Botrybel, a foliar biofungicide based on natural microorganisms whose origin is found in the Murcian company Probelte.

Excess humidity and its challenges

Although water is essential for healthy crop growth, too much water can be harmful. In the case of vegetables such as lettuce, too high humidity and inadequate irrigation can create ideal conditions for the appearance of fungal diseases. Gray rot, also known as Botrytis, is a disease that thrives in these conditions of high humidity and mild temperatures. Proper irrigation management and environmental control are essential to prevent its development.

The growing of crops such as lettuce, with its dense leaves and proximity to the ground, creates an ideal microclimate for the proliferation of pathogens when ventilation is insufficient and humidity is high. This can trigger significant crop loss if proper measures are not taken.

Botrybel, an organic solution

Botrybel offers a solution for the control of Botrytis and other pathogens in horticultural crops. This foliar biofungicide is based on the Bacillus amyloliquefaciens AH2 strain, which, in its development process, produces substances such as lipopeptides and enzymes that affect pathogens. In addition to its antifungal properties, this product stimulates plant growth and reinforces the plants’ natural defenses against stress and diseases.

It is also highly effective in controlling Stemphyllium spp, Monilinia spp and other pathogenic organisms. By its nature, Botrybel does not “stain”, so it has no effects on the post-harvest industrial handling process and, in addition, carries its benefits during conservation. It is indicated and certified for use in organic farming and integrated production. It is a “0 Residue” product and has no MRL.

Its application is simple, it does not interfere with crop development and it is effective against a wide range of pathogens.

Among its most practical benefits is its lack of a safety period: it can be used the day before harvest without problems as it does not contain harmful or toxic substances for humans or other vertebrates, as certified by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). . For all these reasons, precisely, crops such as lettuce, all types of vegetables or woody crops benefit from the use of this biofungicide, the result of more than 20 years of development and work by the Murcian company.

Protecting crops against excess humidity: the case of Botrybel and lettuce