Probelte sponsors the upcoming BioAg World Congress

marzo 2, 2022

Probelte is the sponsor of the upcoming BioAg World Congress which takes place in Valencia from April 26 to 29, 2022. This third edition will concentrate on biopesticides, biostimulators, biofertilizers, as well as food and health safety that concerns people and plants. At the congress, Probelte will present its latest line of comprehensive solutions based on biological biostimulators.

Probelte, from prizewinner to sponsor of the congress

At the 2021 congress, Probelte won the BioAgro Disruptor Award, an award which highlighted the world of innovative professionals and their bio agricultural products, which promote food safety. The award recognizes the role of the Probelte product as a solution based on microorganisms, substituting conventional fertilization, giving way to new possibilities for a more sustainable, productive agriculture.

The prize was given at the BioAg World Congress 2021 by Dr Pamela Marrone, executive director and founder of Marrone Bio Innovations, executive president and member of Primary BioAg Innovations™ and Global BioAg Linkages™.

It goes without saying, therefore, that Probelte will be present at the congress, one of the events of reference in the sector. This year, with the celebration of the third edition, Probelte takes a step forward as sponsor of the BioAg World Congress, joining other important BioAg companies. Apart from this, at the congress, Probelte will announce a new line of innovative products, designed specifically to provide comprehensive solutions for farmers.

The 3rd BioAg World Congress will take place in Valencia

With solutions such as biopesticides, biostimulators, biofertilizers or ICM and IPM as the key elements, this congress will delve deeper into even more important topics of interest, and from a range of points of view, such as what integrated health, from the soil to the people, really means. Fundamental tools for farmers throughout the world will also be discussed, as this congress is one which has been set up ‘by the BioAg industry and for the BioAg industry”.

The event will focus on captivating the attention of Europe, the largest market in the sector, followed by north America, Latin America (the fastest-growing) and finally, Asia, with its enormous potential, yet to be exploited. The congress will allow for face-to-face networking, to increase distribution networks and offer the latest technological advances.

The BioAg World Congress is a unique opportunity to unite the protagonists of the sector and address all the possibilities and challenges on the BioAg horizon.

We will see you at the BioAg World Congress.

Probelte sponsors the upcoming BioAg World Congress