Probelte revolutionizes the agricultural sector with pioneering sterilization technology in packaging

mayo 10, 2024

At Probelte we are committed to innovation and continuous improvement and that is why we are pleased to share an important milestone in the evolution of Probelte: the incorporation of our own, innovative and unique packaging technology in Spain, a pioneer in Europe. This investment enhances control and the constant ambition to achieve the highest standards of quality, safety and hygiene in all our solutions.

The new packaging machine follows a sterilization protocol that complements the production process, ensuring that contamination is eliminated at the time of product completion. This point is usually critical and, many times, neglected within the agricultural sector.

Methodologies specific to the pharmaceutical sector, for agrobiotechnological products

Inspired by the rigorous standards of the pharmaceutical industry, Probelte’s R&D team has designed this unique filling process in the agro industry. Our new packaging machine is designed to guarantee absolute accuracy of the content of our products.

In the case of biotechnological products, the moment of packaging is crucial to avoid the appearance of other microorganisms present in the atmosphere within the final composition. Following the concept adopted from the pharmaceutical industry, in which no effort is spared to ensure that the content of the product is accurate, the new Probelte packaging machine, specifically designed, allows this premise to be met.

Antonio Bernabé, our Production Manager, highlights the adoption of safety levels and production methodologies typical of the pharmaceutical industry applied to Probelte products.

The innovation of this technology lies in isolating the packaging process within a laminar flow chamber and relative positive pressure, irradiating ultraviolet light to each container, which guarantees complete sterilization.

The purpose of adopting innovative methodologies is to achieve the highest standards of excellence and ensure that the products that reach the market not only meet, but exceed consumer expectations in terms of purity and quality.

Probelte revolutionizes the agricultural sector with pioneering sterilization technology in packaging