Probelte opens its new subsidiary in the USA and steps forward to the digitalisation of the agriculture

enero 17, 2023

Probelte begins its journey in the USA. The opening of its new subsidiary broadens the company’s future, bringing biotechnological solutions based on selected microorganisms and their application in crop management to the United States. Probelte counts on more than 50 years in the sector serving growers and in the last 20 years working on biologocial solutions. Probelte’s commitment to this movement goes through digitization, a new milestone in developing specific techniques that help farmers, integrated test management and nutritional programs.

Likewise, the US is one of the most powerful countries in the world in agricultural production. Farmers and growers, as well as pest control consultants, will benefit from this move thanks to the company’s decades of experience, the products and integrated solutions it offers.

As in other countries, Probelte will remain at the side of agricultural producers, attending to their needs and involving them in the development of more sustainable and specifically adapted comprehensive solutions. The opening of the subsidiary in the US will also serve as a bridge for the transfer of technology and experience between the different countries in which the company is present.

Probelte, at the forefront of agro-biotechnological innovation

For over 20 years, Probelte has been developing new technologies based on agro-biotechnological agents, sustainable alternatives that are essential for their part in integrated production, ecological agriculture, the need to produce healthy food and the environmental emergency.

Under the motto “From Soil to Health”, Probelte’s strategy stems from its commitment to caring for the health of the field with its comprehensive solutions, biofertilizers and biocontrol products, which combine preventive and palliative strategies supported by digital tools. Probelte is already present in more than 50 countries and continues its global expansion with value agreements and collaborations with the largest international players in the bio-agro sector. Today it is a consolidated company that continues to look to the future, reinforcing its effort, dedication, experience and vocation from the inside out to be the company where well-being is born.

With more than 50 years of experience in the phytosanitary and plant nutrition sector, Probelte is at the forefront of the most modern agrobiotechnological production. Since 1997, more than 90 different microorganisms have passed through the hands of its researchers. As a result, they have developed dozens of state-of-the-art biological solutions for crop protection, plant health and, ultimately, people’s health.

“The certainty that the future is in our hands, a vision based on service to farmers, and the quality of our human resources are the elements behind our range of biological products created using cutting edge technology to be efficient, biodegradable, and respectful”.

Probelte in the USA

In 2020, after a change in the company’s strategy and vision, Probelte turned all its attention to the United States to offer its comprehensive solutions to American farmers and growers. Since 2021, the company has been working closely with American experts, developing efficacy studies for various high-value crops: (berries, avocados, leafy crops, almonds, grapes, citrus…). Our main goal is to bring to the USA european technology already tested and effective. Not exporting solutions but producing them in the country. But the initiative goes further. Probelte’s objective is develop a local team in order to add value to local growers and give a better service alongside with service retailers.

Moreover the opening of the new subsidiary in the USA, Probelte launches one of the most strategic projects in its history. To digitise the results and the context from agriculture, the company has closed an agreement with the University of North Carolina to identify climate and phenological indicators related to Botrytis. The collaboration aims to make a study to develop and deploy improved Botrytis forecasting models. With those, it will be possible to design affordable, infield sensor arrays that can be deployed to support model testing and production. The research will be carried out in strawberry fields and demonstrate the successful integration of models, infield monitoring and product application. This project helps strengthen Probelte’s innovative efforts in the United States, hand in hand with one of the most prestigious research entities in the biotechnology field.

Future ahead: Growing strong

The road will not end here since Probelte has planned in a second phase the implementation of a production project at the local level in order to achieve greater agility and efficiency and in turn be able to provide the best service to farmers and distributors in the North American country.
With this step towards the future, Probelte grows and becomes stronger and, as always, hand in hand with all agricultural producers.

Probelte opens its new subsidiary in the USA and steps forward to the digitalisation of the agriculture