Probelte, more than half a century at the forefront of the agro-biotechnology sector

octubre 16, 2023

The group, always attentive to the demands of agriculture, is committed to transformation in order to gain efficiency and production

Probelte is a Spanish business group that has more than 50 years of experience in the agricultural sector developing solutions. Since its foray into the agrobiotechnological world two decades ago, the company has strived to be at the forefront and be cutting edge, thanks to its strong commitment to the development of sustainable and effective solutions for agriculture, seeking new products and methodologies that support in technology and knowledge. Likewise, it has a broad portfolio of comprehensive solutions based on cutting-edge biological development for crop protection and plant health.

Its excellence and strength in the markets, both national and international, is based on its ability to control all links in the chain, from the research of new solutions to industrial development. For this reason, as stated by the brand, it invests in new developments in the factory, with the aim of improving the quality of its products, experimentation with innovative formats, the automation of its processes and a series of important improvements to offer the products of higher quality. The result of this development are biostimulants, biofertilizers and biological biofungicides, products that are the culmination of the work of 20 years of research and development.

In full growth, Probelte is expanding its horizons throughout the planet, especially in the United States and Mexico, where the brand is creating opportunities for research and improvement of agricultural processes with some of the most relevant actors in the agricultural scene.

However, this does not end here, since the firm is currently immersed in a gigantic transformation process on all its fronts, which is occurring in a short period of time, which is more commendable. In this process of change, Probelte aims to continue being a reference in the agricultural sector.

One of the fundamental pillars of this transformation is digitalization, a broad concept, based on achieving more sustainable and increasingly effective solutions and, therefore, valuable for the farmer. Likewise, this digitalization involves not only the development of more effective solutions, but also facilitating management and business with clients and producers.

Probelte has always been on the side of the farmer and society, dedicated to the development of effective solutions for agricultural management, but at the same time aware of the relevance of correct environmental management.

Probelte, more than half a century at the forefront of the agro-biotechnology sector