Probelte launches Spirunol, a unique biostimulant from microalgae

marzo 4, 2024

Algae have emerged in recent years as an excellent source of nutrients. In the agricultural world, thanks to biotechnology, biostimulants are emerging as comprehensive solutions of high quality and sustainability. An example of this is products made from Arthrospira sp, better known as spirulina. Spirunol is one of the great exponents of these products.

The origin of Spirunol: A solution coming from the enzymatic hydrolyzate of microalgae cultures

Spirunol is a powerful and novel biostimulant formulated based on the enzymatic hydrolyzate of own cultures of microalgae of the Spirulina genus (exclusive strain AGNOVA-001).

The product is rich in vitamins and antioxidant compounds such as plant pigments, polyphenols, amino acids, prebiotic proteins and polysaccharides. The synergistic action of all these compounds generates a powerful biostimulant effect on plants.

The sustainable obtaining process and the final composition provide an exclusivity to the product that makes it different from other solutions based on Spirulina extracts present on the market.

In addition, Spirunol is a solution that has the SHC seal, which certifies the product as suitable for organic farming, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/848 and R(EU) 2021/1165.

This solution is the result of the biotechnological development of a product based on microalgae. Microalgae are microscopic photosynthetic organisms that inhabit aquatic environments, both fresh and salt water. They are essential for aquatic ecosystems, as they form the base of the food chain and contribute significantly to global photosynthesis processes, absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen. There are many species of microalgae and they have numerous applications thanks to their ability to produce a wide range of useful compounds.

Multiple benefits of Spirunol in the plant

Spirunol can be applied in different ways depending on the objective we want to obtain and the crop on which we apply:

Foliar applications are specially designed to improve the flowering process. With the foliar application of Spirunol we achieve higher quality flowers, a lower number of floral abortions and we reduce stress at this key moment for horticultural and fruit trees.

Root applications are recommended at the beginning of the growing cycle, generating a significant improvement in the rooting process with the formation of new roots. Ensures the establishment of the crop in its initial phases.

In addition, the product acts as a soil microbiota booster, that is, it generates an optimal environment for the development of beneficial soil microbiota.

This biostimulant causes plants to develop with greater vigor and balance and to recover faster in times of abiotic stress.

Probelte launches Spirunol, a unique biostimulant from microalgae