Probelte launches a new range of biostimulants: Ekky, a set of 3 integrable solutions made from selected microorganisms, to minimize the negative impacts that affect the correct development of the crop, from the root to the fruit.

AirEkky, PowerEkky and SoilEkky., integrate the new range of biostimulants with a beneficial bacteria base, developed by Probelte. They allow the farmer to manage crops based on sustainability and profitability criteria.

Ekky, the integral biostimulant solution

Consumers demand a transition to the use of solutions which are sustainable and respectful of the environment and people’s health. Probelte, which has been supporting farmers for the last 20 years, continues its high-quality investigation and development in the area of biotechnology.

The Ekky family, based on exclusive microorganisms, especially selected by Probelte, promote vegetal development at key growth times and help to combat the physiological imbalances caused by intensive farming.

Three products, an integral solution

AirEkky in leaf application, allows for quality fruit and fruit for preserves.

PowerEkky in soil application encourages root and vegetal development of crops. It is an on-impact, shock effect solution for key moments in the crop’s life.

SoilEkky in soil application is key for the preventative maintenance of the crop against natural factors of exogenous stress.