Probelte launches a new line of biostimulants: Ekky, a set of 3 integrable solutions based on selected microorganisms, to minimize the impact of factors that negatively affect the correct development of the crop, from the root to the fruit.

AirEkky, PowerEkky and SoilEkky., make up the new line of biostimulants based on beneficial bacteria, developed by Probelte. They allow the farmer to manage their crops based on criteria of sustainability and profitability

Ekky, the comprehensive biostimulant solution

Consumers are demanding a transition from the agricultural sector to solutions that are more sustainable and respectful of the environment and human health. Probelte, with the aim of supporting farmers, and for more than 20 years, has continued to research and develop in the area of ​​high-value biotechnology.

The Ekky family, based on exclusive microorganisms specially selected by Probelte, enhance plant development at key moments of growth and help combat physiological imbalances caused by intensive agriculture.

Three products, one comprehensive solution

AirEkky in foliar application, allows to obtain fruits of quality and conservation.

When applied to the soil, PowerEkky favors the root and vegetative development of crops. It is an impact and shock effect solution for key moments of the crop

SoilEkky in application to the soil, is key for the preventive maintenance of the crop against natural factors of exogenous stress