Probelte is committed to comprehensive solutions based on agrotechnology and digitalization.

diciembre 17, 2021

Probelte launches its new strategy in the search for comprehensive solutions to a healthier, more sustainable agriculture. Together with its recent brand change, this rethinking of its objectives is its way of providing for the needs of the modern world, ensuring soil health, plant health and people’s health.

‘From soil to Health’: towards more comprehensive solutions

Soil health is closely linked to people. With this in mind, the concept From Soil to Health seeks to unify the steps taken to improving field health and therefore food safety. In order to do this, Probelte is absolutely convinced that the best way to do this is by providing comprehensive, complete solutions..

This is why, along with the renewal of the brand, we are also renewing the segmentation of products which offer solutions, from prevention to plant healing, in a full cycle of wellbeing. From the field to the table, to people’s health, Probelte accompanies the crop in all its stages of growth, ensuring its health and maximum growth.

In this plant journey, Probelte can provide integral plant nutrition solutions for the first stages of plant growth, microbiological biofertilizers for nutrition, biostimulators to boost growth, biocontrol to protect the plant until it is harvested, and specific phytosanitary solutions to give the plant its health back if necessary.

Agrobiotechnology and digitalization: the past, present and future of people’s health

In Probelte we have more than 50 years’ experience in the phytosanitary and plant nutrition sector. After decades of investigation in agrobiotechnology, more than 90 different microorganisms have been through our laboratories At this moment in time, Probelte is at the forefront of the most modern agrobiotechnology production.

Besides developing biotechnological solutions that cater for the current needs of the agro-world, Probelte works to combine these solutions with digitalization tools so as to multiply its effectiveness: the new segmentation has been designed so that digital tools can be used to gather data and use it to create preventative models and to provide recommendations of use for each solution in order to, once again, increase its efficiency.

This enables the farmer to have greater, more efficient control of all processes and confidently work on crop health, at each stage of the growth process.

Today, Probelte is present in more than 60 countries and it is the only Spanish company, of the four registered in Europe which manufactures products with Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki, the bacteria insecticide of most interest in agriculture in the last twenty years. Probelte has more than 40,000 square meters of modern installations with avant-garde laboratories, formulating and fermentation laboratories and it is renowned for its cutting edge technology and its ethos of respect towards the world we live in.

Probelte is committed to comprehensive solutions based on agrotechnology and digitalization.