Probelte in Qatar: AgriteQ 2022

marzo 2, 2022

From March 10 to 14, 2022, the IX edition of the Qatar International Agricultural & Environmental Exhibition  will take place,and Probelte will be there in order to familiarize the Qatari farmers with comprehensive agrobiotechnology solutions. With this participation, Probelte continues to grow, expanding its catalogue and expansion in the Persian gulf countries.

Probelte will be at the AgriteQ 2022

The 9th International agricultural exposition in Qatar is absolutely at the forefront, providing a complete platform for both local and international interested parties where they can exchange knowledge, discover what the latest trends are and make the most of the business opportunities in the sector. And, as expected, being a flagship in agrobiotechnology, Probelte will be there, making the most of the event to  present its comprehensive biotechnology-based solutions.  

The strategy will focus on positioning agrobiotechnology success stories in other markets, such as those of Bulhnova, Biopron, Belthirul, Botrybel and fungicides like Beltanol, designed for winter crop growth and landscape gardening. With this, Probelte hopes to get closer to the Qatari farmers and break down the barriers there are with regards the lack of knowledge of agrobiotechnology products.

By doing this, Probelte is shifting towards positioning itself in the portfolio of products in Qatar, and thus this acts as a showhouse for other potential clients in the Persian gulf, expanding the scope of the company in the world.

AgriteQ 2022, an opportunity for the specialists in the agro industry

This event gives the specialists in the industry the perfect opportunity to explore the wide range of agricultural technology, teams and related products on the market, as well as getting to know who makes the key decisions, obtain valuable information and discover best practices. This is why Probelte will demonstrate its ability to provide all types of comprehensive solutions based on agrobiotechnology.

This is the IX AgriteQ edition, which has been bringing together the protagonists in the sector for almost a decade. It will take place from March 10 to 14 in the Convention and Exposition center of Doha (DECC), with the aim of highlighting the innovation that has taken place in agricultural techniques, and pointing out the route to take to ensure food safety and sustainable development.

Probelte in Qatar: AgriteQ 2022