“Looking for the best solutions in the agricultural sector.” An interview with Jose Vuelta, chief of innovation at Probelte .

enero 26, 2022

Probelte’s new strategy, which has been enforced in recent months, arose as a result of the company’s commitment to caring for the countryside.

In order to do this, comprehensive solutions have been used, combining preventative and remedial strategies, based on nutritional, biotechnological and phytosanitary solutions, with the backing of cutting-edge digital tools. .

Jose Vuelta is theChief of Innovation at Probelte, in charge of ensuring that a model of comprehensive solutions is taken on board, with these modern digital tools in tow. The gathering of data in this way will allow for preventative models to be created, as well as recommendations for the use of each solution, with the aim of increasing efficiency.

The importance of digitalization in the agrobiotechnology world.

Incorporating digital tools on a daily basis in operations and management, not only out in the fields but also at a higher level of management, means a marked improvement in the efficiency of treatments. And this, of course, does not mean developing tools and rolling them out. In order for them to fulfill their function, experts in both the agro-bio and digitalization sectors are needed.

“Digitalization allows for data to be managed and analyzed exponentially, thus facilitating decision making, as the human brain does not have the same computational capacity to solve problems by itself, on the same scale as digital tools do “, he goes on to say.

“In Probelte we are developing digital solutions, which will facilitate knowledge of our agrobiotechnology solutions in order to multiply their impact on crops, from I+D, to their management in agricultural practices”, says the expert. “Our objective is to make both farmers and agricultural professionals’ lives easier – thanks to the information that digital tools can provide, we want to be able to create custom-made preventative and remedial solutions for each crop and therefore ration resources and achieve maximum economic and environmental sustainability “.

The path of Probelte towards digitalization

As part of its new strategy, the company is working on implementing complete comprehensive solutions, which means the digital adaptation of its agrobiotechnology applications and the deployment of a range of digital applications and tools.

“We are working with advanced data analysis and software development specialists in order to facilitate the technological adoption of digital tools by professionals in the agricultural food chain”, explains Jose Vuelta,

“.which includes client management and the use of these tools in the countryside “.

Comprehensive, digital solutions, for all agricultural professionals

“A comprehensive solution means that farmers and their technical assessors know exactly the right recommended time to apply a product or when to take on board an agricultural endeavor,as part of a treatment to improve plant health and maximize production or crop quality, depending on the objectives in mind”, says the expert, when speaking about how digital integration in the sector will help.

“This will allow us to strengthen relationships of trust and a culture of shared knowledge, with several actors playing a part in the agro-food chain”, he adds. “When this is done continuously, all types of processes are optimized; from I+D to the application of products in the fields“.

For Jose Vuelta, many of these tools concentrate on particular parts of the value chain. However, with the idea of providing a complete integration of the process, the benefits to the agro-bio world can be increased, including those enjoyed by the final consumer.

Mr. Vuelta concludes by saying “as these are designed for the agro-food chain, the benefits of digitalization reach the final consumer of food products. These include the classic examples of traceability in food safety, and more ambitious visions such as the improvement of people’s health right from the beginning, as crops are cared for with this back-up”.

“Looking for the best solutions in the agricultural sector.” An interview with Jose Vuelta, chief of innovation at Probelte .