“I am drawn to projects that go beyond the industrial sectors. As for Probelte, I knew it was a winning one.”

mayo 16, 2022

Logistical and production processes are essential in any industry. In Probelte, as a cutting-edge company in the agricultural sector, these are areas that are dealt with delicately,with the aim of leading experience and innovation towards the same objectives.

Since February 24th, the person responsible for making sure that this task obtains the desired results, is Antonio Quereda, who took up the post of Chief Operating Officer. With more than thirty years’ experience, Antonio has joined the bio-agro sector in order to make the logistics and production in Probelte stand out and shine.

Support for the development of one of the key sectors in Spain.

In such a vanguard company, as is Probelte, production is a fundamental factor in its development, especially when it comes to future plans. When working with dozens of countries and with a growing international potential, logistics is also a daily challenge. “We must consolidate the teams of people and the processes involved within the area so that we can face the growth planned for the coming years,” explains the COO. “Our people must be enabled to avail of solid processes which will allow us to go on improving our customer service, in a way that will be efficient for the company.”

The expert has decades of experience built up in sectors ranging from automation to aerospace, to consumer goods. This adds even more value, if that is even possible, to the strategies to be implemented. “What really draws me in is the projects that go beyond the industrial sectors, “he says. “In Probelte’s case, I knew it would be a winning project because of the product, its people and its future plans. And that is why I’m here,” he kindly explains.

“I believe that we are and we will be in the future, of fundamental support for the development of one of the key productive sectors in Spain – agriculture – with a vision and a product which will be sustainable long-term. This is a clear example of how important it is to dig deeper into the sustainability criteria that lie at the heart of the company,” clarifies Antonio.

On the road to conquering the challenges of the sector

Despite just recently joining the company, the COO is very much au fait with some of the challenges there are in the bio-agro sector, and the route which must be followed in order to overcome them: “I could never compete with the knowledge of those around me when it comes to microbiology, and the basic and applied investigation activities the company is immersed in, which are essentially the key to the future […] but I do believe I am not mistaken when I say that digitalization is one of the main challenges.

“In Spain, we must reach the level of data obtained, and the knowledge gained from this, other countries around us do,” he explains. “Our agro-bio systems must evolve with artificial intelligence patterns in order to adapt to factors which change all the time and which affect agricultural production, such as climate, legislation, diversity in crop soil etc.”

Antonio Quereda also points out that the future of Probelte is going to be an exciting one.

 “No one could ever call me a visionary if I were to say that Probelte has chosen the correct road to go down, one which unites sustainability and technology – a brilliant combination for an extremely bright future. And it is one that is also very important, socially speaking – “The key word is definitely sustainability and as our slogan claims where wellbeing is born.’ At the end of the day, we are talking about everybody’s health, arising from an efficient, respectful use of natural resources. I must take this opportunity to congratulate those who came up with the slogan, as they really were spot-on! “

“My input to the company is to act as a facilitator,” ends the COO, “getting everyone involved by means of transversal processes which make us more efficient and with this, improve our clients’ perception of Probelte, as well as that of the market in general.”

“I am drawn to projects that go beyond the industrial sectors. As for Probelte, I knew it was a winning one.”