HAU Plant is born: the new comprehensive care brand backed by Probelte’s plant biotechnology.

octubre 3, 2022

HAU Plant was born with the aim of betting on personal care, plants and the home. Under the motto “We sow cultures of care”, HAU is aimed at the final consumer, to create a community to which it offers a new concept of comprehensive care, which begins with plant health.

“We help you take care of yourself through your plants”

HAU Plant wants to open the door to the end consumer through a purely digital brand. The goal is for it to become a benchmark in the world of urban and domestic gardening, two aspects that are on the rise. With personal well-being as a goal, the role of plants in everyday life reaches a new dimension thanks to HAU Plant.

To do this, the brand maintains a double track of products and services that act in synergy. While the biotechnological ones, coming from Probelte’s decades of innovation and experience, provide safety and health to home and garden plants, HAU Plant’s digital service makes the difference with new experiences for the user: advice, quality content, experiences , tutorials and much more.

“The objective of HAU is to position itself in terms of comprehensive care,” explains Alba Jareño, Project Manager at HAU. “It is a brand that rescues well-being as the axis for care. The short-term objective is the visibility of plant care through biotechnology and products based on microorganisms, the promotion of living soil and learning through care”.

“In the long term, we see the brand more as a service that encompasses different areas of care and accompanies you through well-being, where there will be blocks of educational training, inspirational actions, encounters in nature, actions for the planet, etc.”, Explain.

En unión, HAU proporciona a los usuarios y consumidores todo lo que necesitan para mantener un entorno vegetal vivo y saludable en sus hogares, aprendiendo a cuidar y sacar el máximo partido de sus jardines, macetas y cultivos urbanos. HAU Plant va más allá del sector de la agricultura y se acerca a las personas, ofreciéndole sus soluciones y explorando todo un nuevo horizonte de oportunidades para mejorar la salud de las personas a través de las plantas.

Biotechnology, plant value and comprehensive health

HAU is a “lifeStyle” brand with which the Probelte group wants to reinforce its strategy towards the development of biotechnological solutions for plant health but supported by digitalization. The objective of the brand is to generate an impact that transcends beyond the product or farmer itself and reaches the whole of society. In this way, Probelte wants to interact positively throughout the value chain: the distributor, the farmer, the supermarket and, with HAU Plant, directly with the final consumer.

Among HAU’s long-term goals is to continue betting on Probelte’s biotechnology. “We want to position ourselves both at the product level and for the quality of a brand that takes care of you through your plants and also provides you with well-being through other tools that promote care. “We have the opportunity to capitalize on a territory of comprehensive health (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) where the culture of care is the transversal axis that articulates it. This allows us to create a complete experience linked to the tangible and emotional benefits of the brand”, concludes Alba Jareño.

HAU Plant solutions are based on and supported by the experience, expertise and quality of innovation and production of Probelte, a leading company in Biotechnology applied to agriculture, with more than 50 years of research in plant health behind it and which now it puts at the service of the final consumer for their own indoor plants, their gardens and their urban orchards.

HAU Plant is born: the new comprehensive care brand backed by Probelte’s plant biotechnology.