Efficiency and profitability in the cultivation of stone fruit through the integration of biosolutions

noviembre 30, 2023

The synergy between advanced biotechnology and sustainable agronomic practices is essential for the optimization of stone fruit crops. Probelte, a leading company in sustainable agricultural innovation with more than half a century of experience, and more than 20 years of specialization in biotechnology, has capitalized on knowledge in microbiology, as well as its advances in the isolation and cultivation of microorganisms, to develop a set of biosolutions of special interest to the farmer.

Among them, Botrybel, Belthirul, PowerEkky and Bulhnova stand out for representing an approach to improve crop health, and these biosolutions not only respect the sustainability and health of soils, but also provide profitability and efficiency.

We emphasize that none of the strains used in Probelte products have been genetically modified, so that being classified as non-genetically modified organisms (Non-GMO) ensures their acceptance in a market that is increasingly oriented towards natural or with specific demands, such as This is the case of organic crops. Furthermore, all of them have been isolated and deposited in the Spanish Type Culture Collection (CECT) by Probelte.

Probelte’s organic products have been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, which underlines their validation and authenticity as legitimate and traceable products. Additionally, both Botrybel and Belthirul have the institutional support provided by their registration as phytosanitary in the European Union, strengthening confidence in their effectiveness for the control of pests and diseases.

Comprehensive solutions: biotechnology at the service of agriculture

Probelte has positioned itself at the forefront of biotechnology applied to agriculture with the presentation of four key products that have a direct impact on solving challenges that may arise for our fruit trees:

Botrybel is a foliar biofungicide based on the Bacillus amyloliquefaciens AH2 strain, whose use is exclusive to Probelte, and which exhibits high differential metabolic activity. This strain is notable for its production of lipopeptides, enzymes, siderophores and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which constitute a biochemical arsenal for the suppression of phytopathogens. Lipopeptides and VOCs have antifungal and antibacterial properties (Cawoy et al. 2015; Kulimushi et al. 2017; Ongena & Jacques 2007), siderophores sequester iron, limiting its availability to pathogens, and enzymes degrade the cell walls of these , inhibiting their growth and colonization.

The classification of AH2 as Low Risk by the European Union reflects its safety profile and low environmental impact. The resilience of AH2 improves product consistency and effectiveness under a wide range of environmental conditions.

The institutional support provided by its registration as a phytosanitary in the European Union strengthens confidence in Botrybel as a first-rate biofungicide solution for the protection of stone fruit crops and other agricultural applications. Additionally, this product is patented (Fernández et al, 2009).

Within Probelte’s integrated strategy for the treatment and care of stone fruit crops, Bulhnova plays a fundamental role in optimizing plant nutrition. This patented biofertilizer (Malo et al, 2022) takes advantage of microbial interactions in the rhizosphere to transform essential nutritional elements from non-assimilable forms to forms available to plants.

Bulhnova is capable of biologically fixing atmospheric nitrogen, transforming it into ammonium and thus making it assimilable for plants. This natural process, mediated by diazotrophic microorganisms, is a renewable source of nitrogen for plants, reducing dependence on synthetic nitrogen fertilizers.

Additionally, Bulhnova facilitates phosphorus solubilization, a process in which soil microorganisms convert inorganic phosphorus into forms that plants can absorb, improving phosphorus use efficiency and preventing the buildup of insoluble phosphorus that can lead to problems. environmental.

Bulhnova’s role in soil bioactivation is crucial as it not only improves plant nutrition but also promotes soil structure and health, resulting in better root development and greater resistance to stress conditions. abiotic due to the action of Azospirillum brasilense, strain M3 and Pantoea dispersa. The Bulhnova application, therefore, represents a pillar in the sustainable and profitable management of stone fruit crops, aligning with the regenerative and ecological agriculture practices that Probelte advocates.

This product implements the biocontrol strategy through the use of the Bacillus thuringiensis var strain. kurstaki (PB-54), which produces protein crystals with specific insecticidal activity against lepidopteran larvae. The protein crystals have an acidic pH and, once ingested by the larvae, they reach their stomach, in whose alkaline environment they dissolve in different protoxins, which will bind to specific points on the intestinal wall, causing pores through the which, the hemocoel will fill the digestive system of the larva. Upon feeling satiated, the larva will stop feeding and die from septicemia (Bravo et al, 2013; Glare & O’Callgham, 2000; Lacey et al. 2015; Lacey et al. 2017)).

Belthirul’s formulation allows high stability of protein crystals against UV radiation, maintaining its effectiveness for prolonged periods post-application.

This treatment allows a specific and controlled action against certain types of pests, being harmless to humans, animals and other auxiliary insects such as bees, reducing the ecological impact of this product to practically zero.

In the field of biostimulants, PowerEkky is a consortium of Bacillus strains formulated to restore the microbiological balance of the soil and improve nutrient absorption by roots. The synergistic action of these strains enhances the bioactivation of the soil, promoting more vigorous vegetative development and an improvement in the organoleptic quality of the fruits.

This product is a key element in the integrated crop management strategy, offering a response to biotic and abiotic stresses that affect agricultural performance.

Synergy and Benefits of Probelte Biosolutions

The application of Botrybel, Belthirul, Bulhnova and PowerEkky, together with agricultural practices focused on sustainability, constitutes an optimal environment for the development of stone fruit crops. The use of these biosolutions minimizes dependence on synthetic chemicals, which not only reduces the risks of phytotoxicity and resistance in pathogens and pests, but also improves soil biodiversity and crop resilience.

The field studies presented by Probelte demonstrate an increase in production rates and a reduction in the incidence of diseases and pests. These data, obtained through comparative analysis with untreated controls and other products on the market, show an improvement in the quality of the fruit and an extension in its post-harvest useful life. The management strategy proposed by Probelte, therefore, not only increases short-term profitability, but also promotes the long-term viability of fruit farms, aligning with the principles of regenerative and ecologically responsible agriculture.

The synergy and benefits of Probelte Biosolutions are clearly evident in the peach crop, according to the data provided in the field analyses. In one of the trials carried out under the Bulhnova framework, it was shown that reducing conventional fertilization by 50% and applying Bulhnova biofertilizer achieves an increase in production. The results showed a production of 17,364 kg/ha for exclusively chemical fertilization, while the combination with Bulhnova increased production to 21,229 kg/ha, which demonstrates the effectiveness of the use of biofertilizers in conjunction with conventional practices.

Likewise, in the corresponding trials with the biocontrols Botrybel and Belthirul, high success rates were obtained in terms of protection in the control of pests and diseases, as well as the control of affected outbreaks, respectively compared to other conventional solutions on the market. Botrybel achieved 89.58% effectiveness against pathogens that affect peaches, while 86.46% was obtained with a reference biofungicide.

These data not only highlight the potential reduction in chemical input use and environmental impact, but also underscore the increase in profitability due to improved crop production and health. The application of biosolutions such as Bulhnova, Botrybel and Belthirul, in agricultural management strategies, creates a more resilient and sustainable farming system, optimizing crop yield and fruit quality.

Efficiency and profitability in the cultivation of stone fruit through the integration of biosolutions