Bulhnova wins the BioAgro Disruptor Award for its ability to revolutionize agriculture

marzo 18, 2021

Bulhnova has wonthe BioAgro Disruptor Awardd, a prize awarded to all innovative professionals who put food safety first in their bio agriculture projects. The accolade has been adjudicated thanks to the role that Bulhnova plays in providing a solution that is based on microorganisms substituting conventional fertilizer, leading to new possibilities for a more sustainable, productive agriculture.

Dr Pamela Marrone, who has a long list of professional achievements under her belt, such as executive director and founder of Marrone Bio Innovations, executive president and partner of Primary BioAg Innovations™ and Global BioAg Linkages™, among others, was responsible for presenting the award virtually.

Arturo Lizón, the current CEO of Probelte, congratulated the whole team for its outstanding work in the development of Bulhnova and for the development of biotechnological products for agriculture over the last 20 years.

Bulhnova, microorganisms to revolutionize agriculture

The BioAgro Disruptor Award is given for the ability to change a paradigm. Under this disruptive premise, the prize rewards the break with obsolete values and with daring to seek out new ways of revolutionizing agriculture. The final objective is to make the world a better place.

By winning this award, Bulhnova proves itself to be an example of this. This solution, based on PGPR microorganisms (growth encouraging bacteria), is capable of completely substituting conventional fertilizer. In this way, Bulhnova reduces the environmental impact caused by nitrates and phosphates while maintaining or increasing the crop’s productive levels.

Because of its format and application, it also reduces carbon footprint, as well as having a base of specialized bacteria which does not contaminate in any way but rather, encourages good soil health. To sum up, Bulhnova is an example of disruptive, necessary technology for a more sustainable world!

BioAg World Congress 2021

The BioAg World Congress 2021 is an event created by and for the agricultural industry. The speakers and participants in the event are among the leaders in the agrotechnological industry and its schedule has been designed with the collaboration of several experts and professors in order to include the most important global topics.

With more than 35 well- known speakers, seven panels of experts and numerous innovative exhibitors, BioAg World Congress 2021 is laying the foundations for a specialized encounter, unique in the world.

The congress’ schedule is broken up into 6 sessions, based around four main parts: bio pesticides, bio stimulants, bio fertilizers and bio nutrients. The sessions will delve deep into developments in the industry, the role the food chain plays in influencing the use of bio innovative solutions, agricultural soil health, water management, the challenges and opportunities of regulations’ frameworks, commercialization, scientific innovations, investments and acquisitions and knowledge in areas of growth, such as precision agriculture.

There will also be awards given to the professionals of the industry, BioAgro Achiever Award y BioAgro Disruptor Award.

There will also be awards given to the professionals of the industry – the BioAgro Achiever Award and the BioAgro Disruptor Award, in recognition of the efforts made by those who stand out in the sector at this moment in time and as encouragement for everyone else in the industry. The aim of the BioAgro Disruptor Award, won by Bulhnova, is to acknowledge the work of the innovative professionals and their projects in bio agriculture, thus supporting sustainable food safety. The prize is given to the best commercial innovation, chosen based on a range of criteria. The three finalist projects are given the chance to present their innovation projects at the congress.


Bulhnova wins the BioAgro Disruptor Award for its ability to revolutionize agriculture