The key role of biofertilizers in current agriculture

febrero 5, 2024

Learn from ucia Lozano, Crops Solution Manager.

In an increasingly sustainable world, it is innovative and respectful solutions that set the benchmark. And as an example of this is Probelte, whose biotechnological products are unique in the market. Lucía Lozano Crop Solutions Manager of the company explains to us what is special about them with two flagship examples of the brand: Bulhnova and Bioprón: “At the farmer level, one of the strong points [of Bulhnova / Bioprón] is that it greatly reduces the dependence that “has from the use of chemical fertilizers”.

In addition to this characteristic, which is one of the main benefits of using them, Lozano explains other differentiating factors of these biofertilizers: “They are very easy-to-use products, which makes logistics much easier, since the volume of chemical fertilizer is very reduced. and its costs are stable. It also improves the image of the farmer, since our product is more in line with the new social concerns that exist today of producing more with less, of being more sustainable and taking agriculture in another direction.”

“Bulhnova and Bioprón have been in the works for a long time at Probelte,” he comments when describing the long process of isolation and selection of the special strains contained in the products. “We started in 2000, we created our biological plant and our Division, and from 2002 or so is when the Bulhnova and Bioprón strains began to be isolated, with which we can say that we have been working with these microorganisms for 20 years and we know them very good”.

“Probelte has done a lot of work to fine-tune the product,” clarifies the Crop Solutions Manager. […] “Since 2002 we have worked very hard both in our laboratories to learn more about our strains and in the field trials to do all the validation. And of course, also at the production level to be able to manufacture our products with the best possible quality. This is a long-standing trajectory, it is not something that is done quickly and of which we are very proud,” confirms Lucía Lozano.

The key role of biofertilizers in current agriculture