Botrybel: The antidote to heavy rains

marzo 22, 2024

The rain, at least above standards, can have a negative impact on crops due to the appearance of diseases associated with humidity, gusts of wind and waterlogging of fields. In strawberry crops, especially, the humid environment favors the development and spread of bacterial and fungal pathogens. Having adequate protection and treatment measures can prevent the loss of production of this fruit. But, not everything goes. In a world that strives for sustainability, solutions must be comprehensive, efficient and respectful of the environment. This is the profile promoted by Botrybel, a foliar biofungicide based on natural microorganisms that complies with all of the above and whose origin is found in the Spanish company Probelte.

The rain, like everything in excess, is bad

Rain is very necessary to keep a healthy field. However, sometimes, especially in the face of storms and torrential rains, this element can turn against the farmer. When it rains in excessive amounts, and in a short time, in addition to runoff, waterlogging promotes the appearance of pathogenic organisms, especially fungi. Diseases such as gray rot (caused by Botrytis cinerea) and anthracnose (caused by fungi of the genus Colletotrichum) are particularly active in conditions of high humidity and moderate temperatures, conditions that usually occur during and after periods of rain.
Gusts of wind allow their spores, or various bacteria, to be carried and contaminate other plants. In addition, wounds caused by hail or breaks caused by floods also help the infection and spread of these microorganisms that are dangerous to the health of the crop. We detected this problem, especially, in relatively delicate crops such as strawberries. The increase in humidity, puddles, its relatively low size and its fleshy and soft fruit combine in a type of catastrophic misfortune that can trigger the loss of almost the entire harvest of a field in the case of excess rain.

Botrybel, a biofungicide to prevent and cure

In order to prevent, or combat, the problems associated with inclement weather, we must have the appropriate tools. This is the case of Botrybel, as an example of an organic antifungal developed and manufactured in the Region of Murcia. This product consists of a foliar biofungicide based on the Bacillus amyloliquefaciens AH2 strain, registered in the Spanish Type Crop Collection (CECT-7221) and for exclusive use by Probelte, which exhibits high differential metabolic activity.
This strain is notable for its production of lipopeptides, enzymes, siderophores and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which constitute a biochemical arsenal for the suppression of phytosanitary pathogens, including gray rot and anthracnose, among many others. While lipopeptides and VOCs have antifungal and antibacterial properties, siderophores sequester iron, limiting its availability to pathogens, and enzymes degrade pathogen cell walls, inhibiting their growth and colonization.
In addition, AH2 is classified as Low Risk by the European Union, which means that within the EC it is a bacteria with a safe profile and low environmental impact. Among the many advantages it presents, Botrybel is easy to apply, compatible with other products and does not affect the crop in any way (does not delay maturation, is not intrusive, does not affect growth…). It is also highly effective in controlling Stemphyllium spp, Monilinia spp and other pathogenic organisms. Due to its nature, it has no effects on the post-harvest industrial handling process and, in addition, carries its benefits during conservation. It is indicated, and certified, for use in organic agriculture and integrated production. It is, of course, a “0 Residue” product and has no MRL. All of this
Among its most practical benefits is its very long safety period: it can be used the day before harvest without problems, as it does not contain harmful substances or toxins for humans or other vertebrates, as certified by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). . For all these reasons, precisely, crops such as strawberries, or all types of fruit trees, especially stone fruits, benefit from the use of this biofungicide, the result of more than 20 years of development and work by the Murcian company.

Botrybel: The antidote to heavy rains