Beltanol, Probelte’s most successful fungicide and bactericide, arrives in Morocco

octubre 20, 2022

This phytosanitary product, the result of more than 20 years of development and innovation, has been approved and receives registration for its use in the treatment of tomato fusarium (Fusarium sp.) in the territory of Morocco. On October 19, in collaboration with ARD UNIFERT Maroc, Juan Manuel López de Probelte will be in Agadir presenting the product.

Approved the registration of Beltanol to treat tomato

Beltanol is a product with years of experience in the market. Tested and registered in more than 30 countries, this fungicide takes advantage of the knowledge acquired by the company over decades to combat different fungi related to dumping, among which is the Fusarium sp.

The recent approval for the sale of Beltanol in Morocco with number F06-6-004 paves the way for this tool to reach farmers and technicians, who will be able to benefit from Beltanol, and protect their crops, immediately. In addition to tomato fusarium, Beltanol has been shown to have a broad protective spectrum against a multitude of high-impact fungi and bacteria in agricultural production, being very effective in different crops. In addition, due to its mode of action and time of use, it is safe for the environment and human health when used under the indications described.

Probelte has presented Beltanol in Agadir

Thanks to the collaboration with ARD UNIFERT Maroc, on October 19, in Agadir, a meeting was held that will bring together more than a hundred farmers and technicians who have discovered Beltanol first-hand, its usefulness and its application according to the nature of the crops they treat. ARD UNIFERT Maroc offers its customers a complete range of tested and approved products for horticulture, citrus, arboriculture, vines, field crops, and has experience collaborating in the distribution of Probelte products.

Beltanol, a fungicide that acts for three

By its nature, derived from hydroxyquinoline, Beltanol shows an action based on three principles against pathogens:

Firstly, it promotes the generation of a phenolic quinoline with a fungicidal and bactericidal action

Secondly, it inhibits the development of pathogens thanks to the chelation of iron and zinc cations, which are essential for the development of pathogens

Thirdly, they help to form a cupric compound that polarizes the cytoplasmic membrane of the microorganism, breaking it and killing it

In addition, this patented substance is exclusive to Probelte. Beltanol has proven to be effective both in the laboratory and in the field for horticultural crops of all kinds, berries, fruit trees and vines, among others. With doses of between 4 liters per Ha, and 2 applications by fertigation, this liquid product ensures protection against Fusarium sp., Phytophthora sp., Xanthomonas sp., Pythium sp. and many other pathogens that threaten crops from the earliest stages of development.

By its action, Beltanol ensures a good implantation of the crop; fungicidal and bactericidal action in a single product; a wide range of action and efficacy; a complete system, at all levels of the plant; and an action that does not delay plant development, benefits that all of Morocco will be able to make use of immediately.

Beltanol, Probelte’s most successful fungicide and bactericide, arrives in Morocco