How to control the destructive effects of Prays

Olives trees

Prays is the genus name of a class of Lepidoptera in the family Plutellidae. These small moths have nocturnal habits and, although they act from October, their maximum damage is caused at the beginning of spring. Olive tree prays are some of the most feared. In their most active moments, the prays can be a […]

Probelte and INBIOAR sign a strategic alliance for research, development and market launch of Bio solutions based on plant extracts

Probelte’s strategic alliance with INBIOAR opens the door to the development of novel bioherbicides with which to manage daily problems in the field in a more respectful and sustainable way. The alliance would develop specific biosolutions for crops, focused on the management of weeds, biotic stress (nematodes, fungi, insects) as well as abiotic factors. Probelte […]

Probelte, in the test of the first sensor, on the path of digitization against botrytis.

Probelte puts into practice a pioneering study in Huelva where, taking advantage of the launch of its new biofungicide, Botrybel, it will analyze the determining factors for Botrytis in strawberry cultivation, with the aim of improving efficacy in the treatment and control of one of the most damaging and difficult to control crop diseases. Initiative […]

Probelte and North Carolina State University join forces to develop predictive modelling for Botrytis forecasting and personalized application of biotechnological treatments on crops

The project is the first step in the company’s strategy to digitalize biological products to improve their consistency and efficiency and make them easier to use through machine learning and digital solutions. Probelte and North Carolina State University are partnering on a digitization project to identify climate and phenological indicators related to Botrytis and build […]

Beltanol, Probelte’s most successful fungicide and bactericide, arrives in Morocco

This phytosanitary product, the result of more than 20 years of development and innovation, has been approved and receives registration for its use in the treatment of tomato fusarium (Fusarium sp.) in the territory of Morocco. On October 19, in collaboration with ARD UNIFERT Maroc, Juan Manuel López de Probelte will be in Agadir presenting […]

Probelte, the first manufacturer of solutions for plant health that has obtained the Zero Waste certificate according to AENOR

· Probelte aligns its objectives with the European circular economy and sustainability strategies and reinforces its commitment to society· · · · After four years of optimizing its production processes, Probelte Factories and its biotechnological plant make the treatments given to waste even more sustainable Thanks to its efforts, Probelte has managed to become the […]

“At Probelte we are immersed in an exciting process of improvement and optimization of all resources, and constant improvement in work efficiency among all teams.”

The future of the agricultural sector goes through innovation, but not only in products, but also in processes, methodologies, and value as a brand. These ideas are very clear in people like Juan Manuel López, Crop Solutions Manager at Probelte. His clear vision in the short, medium and long term in the sector, seasoned with […]