The key role of biofertilizers in current agriculture

Learn from ucia Lozano, Crops Solution Manager. In an increasingly sustainable world, it is innovative and respectful solutions that set the benchmark. And as an example of this is Probelte, whose biotechnological products are unique in the market. Lucía Lozano Crop Solutions Manager of the company explains to us what is special about them with […]

Biofertilizers, an efficient, sustainable solution against the nitrate pollution

For over 20 years, Probelte has been developing new technologies based on agro-biotechnological agents, sustainable alternatives that are essential for their part in integrated production, ecological agriculture, the need to produce healthy food and the environmental emergency. Under the motto “From Soil to Health”, Probelte’s strategy stems from its commitment to caring for the health […]

Biofertilization in cereal, a strategy to prepare the crop for winter

Biofertilization for cereal crops is a strategy that has multiple benefits, immediately and in the long term. Differentiating itself from conventional fertilization, it allows for more effective and respectful management in the face of the arrival of winter. Tools such as Bioprón, from Probelte, based on microorganisms, offer healthier solutions for crops and soil, as […]

Probelte: biotechnological innovation and digitalization in the care of domestic plants

Probelte continues to take steps to get closer to its great goal of “reaching human health through plants.” Thanks to its technology, applied in the development of HAU Plant brand solutions, it is strengthening its positioning towards the end consumer. Growth at a dizzying pace Since the launch of HAU, Probelte’s reference brand for home […]

Probelte, more than half a century at the forefront of the agro-biotechnology sector

The group, always attentive to the demands of agriculture, is committed to transformation in order to gain efficiency and production Probelte is a Spanish business group that has more than 50 years of experience in the agricultural sector developing solutions. Since its foray into the agrobiotechnological world two decades ago, the company has strived to […]

Wettable powders: efficiency and optimization in the solution format

Probelte has gone a step further in its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement by being in the final stretch of development of the Wettable Powder version (wettable powder) of its main microbiological solutions. These products will be available on the market once the biotechnology company gives the green light to their commercialization. By mixing […]

How Rust Threatens Raspberry Health: Orange Shade in Fields

Rust is a fungal disease that affects various plants, including the raspberry. This disease is caused by different fungal species of the genus Puccinia and can have a significant impact on the health and yield of raspberry crops. Rust is characterized by the appearance of orange spots or rust on raspberry leaves. These spots are […]

The new corporate offices of Probelte: Innovation and commitment to the future

Probelte has recently inaugurated its new corporate offices in Murcia (Spain), marking a milestone in its history and consolidating its commitment to innovation and sustainable growth. These state-of-the-art facilities reflect the company’s forward-thinking vision and dedication to offering high-quality agricultural solutions. Strategically located in a dynamic business environment, Probelte’s new offices have been designed with […]