Microalgae and rhizobacteria, a perfect combination to enhance cultivation

The combination between microalgae and rhizobacteria has proven to be a revolutionary strategy to improve soil health and maximize crop yields. While the former act as prebiotics, the latter are natural biostimulants. The most recent studies indicate that both biotechnological innovations work synergistically, complementary and very effective. This is where two products like Spirunol and […]

Botrybel: The antidote to heavy rains

The rain, at least above standards, can have a negative impact on crops due to the appearance of diseases associated with humidity, gusts of wind and waterlogging of fields. In strawberry crops, especially, the humid environment favors the development and spread of bacterial and fungal pathogens. Having adequate protection and treatment measures can prevent the […]

Protecting crops against excess humidity: the case of Botrybel and lettuce

Excess moisture, whether due to inadequate irrigation or particularly humid environmental conditions, can have a negative impact on crops, especially vegetables such as lettuce. This environment favors the development and spread of bacterial and fungal pathogens. It is crucial to have adequate protection and treatment measures to prevent loss of production. In a world that […]

Probelte launches Spirunol, a unique biostimulant from microalgae

Algae have emerged in recent years as an excellent source of nutrients. In the agricultural world, thanks to biotechnology, biostimulants are emerging as comprehensive solutions of high quality and sustainability. An example of this is products made from Arthrospira sp, better known as spirulina. Spirunol is one of the great exponents of these products. The […]

The key role of biofertilizers in current agriculture

Learn from ucia Lozano, Crops Solution Manager. In an increasingly sustainable world, it is innovative and respectful solutions that set the benchmark. And as an example of this is Probelte, whose biotechnological products are unique in the market. Lucía Lozano Crop Solutions Manager of the company explains to us what is special about them with […]

Biofertilizers, an efficient, sustainable solution against the nitrate pollution

For over 20 years, Probelte has been developing new technologies based on agro-biotechnological agents, sustainable alternatives that are essential for their part in integrated production, ecological agriculture, the need to produce healthy food and the environmental emergency. Under the motto “From Soil to Health”, Probelte’s strategy stems from its commitment to caring for the health […]

Biofertilization in cereal, a strategy to prepare the crop for winter

Biofertilization for cereal crops is a strategy that has multiple benefits, immediately and in the long term. Differentiating itself from conventional fertilization, it allows for more effective and respectful management in the face of the arrival of winter. Tools such as Bioprón, from Probelte, based on microorganisms, offer healthier solutions for crops and soil, as […]