Annual Probelte Congress Mexico 2021: Business and Technique

julio 2, 2021

Probelte Mexico, a subsidiary of the Probelte, group organized the ‘Annual Probelte Congress Mexico 2021: Business and Technique’ in the Guadalajara AC Marriot on June 21 last. The event was used to inform of the latest biotechnical advances and business strategy as well as build a differential value proposal as and future plans, together with the distributors. 

Distributors were invited to attend the congress in person, while others could take part online, as the event was streamed. . Some of the topics discussed in this first get-together were: the change in paradigm and productive process, striving for sustainability, people’s health, soil conservation and productivity. The specialist Dr. Fernando Salazar, of ASAMINFAR. also took part in the congress.

Mexico: opting for innovation in agrobiotechnology

The Probelte group is opting for development and innovation in agrobiotechnology in the Mexican market, one of the most important in the world, home to the Probelte Mexico subsidiary. The importance of this company, in the Latin-American sector is growing significantly, under the management of the newly appointed Vicente Moril.

“The change of paradigm of the productive process, the care and conservation of the soil, as well as its consumers’ health, the new innovative agrobiotechnical solutions to help construct a differential value proposal, future plans and many other aspects, were the order of the day on the drawing board of this first Annual Probelte Mexico Congress 2021: Business and Technique”, said Moril. Also present was Dr. Fernando Salazar, the director and owner of ASAMINFAR, who told us of his experience and shared his knowledge of plant health with the attendees”. ASAMINFAR .

The ‘Business’ part of the meeting took place in the morning, in which Probelte’s strategy, and vision of objectives in the Mexican market were spoken about. The other part, that of ‘Technique’ was in the afternoon and distributors took part in round table discussions, sharing ideas and guidelines related to the operational development of the business. The care and conservation of the soil, consumers’ health and the technology applied, along with many other issues were discussed.

Probelte and the Mexican agro market

With this first Annual Probelte Congress Mexico 2021: Business and Technique, Probelte establishes its commitment to this country, consolidating its presence in an ever-growing market, fomented by Vicente Moril, Business Developer Sales Manager with 25 years of experience in business development and sales management, who has been leading the Probelte Mexico subsidiary,

The immense value of the Mexican market, one of the most important in agriculture on the planet, is an object of interest for Probelte. The group is developing a global strategy, establishing its presence and working for the well-being of the land, the farmer and the consumers. 

The efforts being made in investigation by Probelte have given rise to decades of groundbreaking solutions backed by biotechnology. Its objective is to find alternative, sustainable, efficient solutions so that the farmer can continue to produce quality food and take a stand in the market while watching out for the health of the soils used to grow crops and the consumers who buy their products.

Sustainability, productivity, crop quality and plant and people’s health are what drives us. This event is a show of the effort being made, hitting the Mexican market, reaffirming Probelte’s commitment to improving people’s lives.


Annual Probelte Congress Mexico 2021: Business and Technique