A factory open to the entire world

Probelte Factory

At Probelte Factory, we make it our business to develop your agro-biotechnological solutions for your house brand, from the development of the active substance to the packaging and labeling, and any phase in between.

From testing in the laboratory and the field with effective results to the production and design of the packaging and labeling. Our installations are at the service of your portfolio, in a completely confidential manner.

Contract Manufacturer

The best materials, processes, tools with cutting edge technology, are all at your service and at the service of your brand. Tell us what you need, and we will manufacture it.

Original Design Manufacturer

We design and manufacture your made to order solution. Tell us your idea and we will help you to make it reality so that you can sell it. Rely on us to complete your portfolio.


We put our factory of agro-biotechnological solutions at your service.


Store your production without any worries at our installations. Furthermore, we will take care of distributing your solutions.

Our quality control, your tranquility

Experience, the latest technology, cutting edge installations, and the most qualified team to ensure exceptional products that have been analyzed and certified by our quality department.

Products, business, philosophy...


Technical and/or commercial support and all the answers. Leave us a message and a team specialist will contact you to resolve all of your doubts.