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Todas las especies vegetales intro

Recommended products


Special fertilizer based on amino acids.

A-micsur Algas

Special fertilizer based on amino acids.

A-Micsur Ca

Corrector of calcium with amino acids.

A-micsur Ca

Fertilizer based on amino acids and calcium.

A-micsur Ca Plus

Fertilizer based on amino acids, calcium, magnessium and boron.

A-micsur Mg

Fertilizer based on amino acids and magnesium.

A-micsur Olive

Special fertilizer based on amino acids.

Abelte N

Nitrogenous fertilizer with micronutrients


Special fertilizer based on amino acids.

Boron Probelte

Boron-Etanolamina (B) soluble is a boron deficient corrector


Sustainable Production of Quality Crops


Fertiliser for the prevention and correction of calcium deficiencies in...


Rooting treatment based on amino acids with micronutrients

Fertiprón Evo

Fertiliser NPK 20-20-20 with micronutrients

Fertiprón Plus

Fertiliser NPK 32-5-10 with micronutrients

Fospron Especial

Fertiliser solution PK 20-30 with micronutrients


Water-soluble fertiliser with amino acids NPK with micronutrients.

Hidromix Olive

Multiple deficiency corrector in the olive tree

Hidromix Proan

Liquide mixture with complexed micronutrients


Humic acids for your crop

Proan K

NK fertiliser with macro and micronutrients

Proan K Plus

Solution with a high concentration of potassium with free amino...

Proan Olive

NPK fertiliser with magnesium and boron

Procorrector Liquid Zn-mn

Zn and Mn deficiency corrector

Procorrector Zn-Mn

Zn and Mn deficiency corrector


Protective pruning paint

Siderón Evo+

EDDHA-HBED ortho-ortho chelated iron

Sinergiprón Complex 25

Combination of humic acids and micronutrients for your crop

Sinergiprón Fe 3-20

Combination of humic-fulvic acids and chelated iron.

Sinergiprón Fe 6

Corrector of deficiencies of iron

Sinergiprón Fe-6

Iron chelate. Chelating agent EDDHA-ortho