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“At Probelte we are immersed in an exciting process of improvement and optimization of all resources, and constant improvement in work efficiency among all teams.”

The future of the agricultural sector goes through innovation, but not only in products, but also in processes, methodologies, and value as a brand. These ideas are very clear in people like Juan Manuel López, Crop Solutions Manager at Probelte. His clear vision in the short, medium and long term in the sector, seasoned with extensive experience in other major brands, allows him to find high-value, effective solutions to face many changes at different levels: regulatory, social, geostrategic and market. .

Thanks to their work, the innovation developed in the brand’s products is perfectly aligned with the entire spirit of the company. Another of his responsibilities is to keep the engine of change: biotechnology, in the value chain. We interview Juan Manuel, who gives us a vision of his role in the company and his next goals as part of the team.

Leaders through innovation

“My goal is to highlight all of Probelte’s current and future solutions,” explains Juan Manuel López. He has extensive experience in identifying immediate and long-term needs for different crops. It also perfectly understands the needs of the sector, transferring to the market the advantages of using the right products with the aim of achieving a leadership position.

“At Probelte we are immersed in an exciting process of improvement and optimization of all resources, and constant improvement in work efficiency among all teams” highlights Crops Solution Manager. And it is that the improvement comes from the hand of the change. An evolution that is essential to remain pioneers in a rapidly advancing world. It is the change towards bio, towards new technologies, towards a paradigm shift, the agent of leadership that the brand strives to maintain.

Biotechnology as a driver of change

“The sector is immersed in many changes”, says Juan Manuel. “At the level of integration of actors, concentration of producers and farmers… all of them are moving towards a larger model and, above all, towards a constant legislative change towards the search for a more sustainable and safe production model For the enviroment”. This happens through the drastic reduction of chemical synthesis products used in a conventional way. “Until now they have been key to ensuring agricultural production,” he continues. “However, the future lies in achieving a rapid and safe adaptation to the new rules of the game. In other words, accelerating the placing on the market of effective and safe solutions that provide economic, but also environmental, profitability.”

Juan Manuel speaks, of course, of biotechnology: “Biotechnology is and must continue to be the new engine of change. A large part of the solutions that global agriculture needs are found in biotechnology. In Probelte [biotechnology] is part of of our DNA. In fact, we have excellent solutions for different crops and areas in the World. Each one has great value”. During the interview, Juan Manuel highlights the products dedicated to Biocontrol and Biostimulation, “excellent”, he indicates. “I would also like to mention a whole pipeline in development from which new products and solutions will emerge to effectively and sustainably tackle important problems in global agriculture,” he concludes, without being able to provide more information for the time being.

“La agricultura es apasionante porque es algo vivo, cambiante, que siempre busca un equilibrio natural. Pero también es compleja cuando queremos que sea sostenible en el tiempo. Todavía nos queda mucho trabajo para introducir nuevas soluciones”, explica al preguntarle por las barreras que todavía quedan por superar. “Una asignatura pendiente todavía es conseguir experiencia de manejo y producir una transferencia de conocimiento eficiente hacia los agricultores, hacia el mercado y hacia la sociedad. En Probelte estamos abordando este proceso desde hace tiempo, desde varios focos. Estamos completamente seguros de que podemos conseguirlo entre todos. Por otro lado, nos anticipamos a todos estos cambios desde hace mucho tiempo y colaboramos al máximo cada día en hacer este cambio lo más eficaz para el mundo completo: agricultores, distribuidores, consumidores y, también, las autoridades públicas”, concluye.

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